John M. Schroder was born February 23, 1961 and is from Covington, Louisiana. He is a graduate of East Jefferson High School and Southeastern Louisiana University. He currently serves as State Treasurer to the state of Louisiana. As a businessman and entrepreneur, he believes government should manage its money like you manage your businesses and households. He believes government should be more transparent and accountable, which would help to restore faith in government. He has been married to his wife Ellie since 1985, is the father of two, and is an extremely proud grandfather.



John Schroder originally served as a special agent in the United States Army. Schroder was then a real estate agent, homebuilder, and developer before he served over 10 years in the Louisiana House of Representatives. John is also a small business owner himself, so he is an advocate for all things benefitting small businesses. John Schroder was elected Louisiana State Treasurer in 2017 and was re-elected in 2019 to a four-year term. 


John M. Schroder has helped save the state of Louisiana millions of dollars since his time in office, but that is just one of many on his list of accomplishments in his career thus far. Treasurer Schroder came to an agreement with the Governor resolving an over 3-year, multi-party dispute over Unclaimed Property for the state of Louisiana. Furthermore, the Unclaimed Property Program he put in place has received a National Award this year, recognizing states with a business-friendly approach to this program. Stay up to date with the latest about John Schroder's Campaign here. 


The Government Should Be Transparent & Accountable

As a small business owner and entrepreneur by trade, John M. Schroder believes that a proper government and proper business should be run the same way. He believes the government should handle its finances like a business or household and be held accountable for unnecessary and superfluous government spending. He has helped the State renegotiate contracts and forced them to restructure and rethink their borrowing habits. 

He fights to change the common narrative and restore faith back in the government and government officials by pleading that the government operates with utmost transparency and accountability. He is passionate about fighting political corruption and vows to always take a stand against those who are unlawfully taking advantage of the system.​ John M. Schroder has always and will always fight for the Louisiana taxpayers. In his statement of candidacy, Schroder said, "we had fundamental issues with our budget and spending practices. I have always taken a stand for the Louisiana taxpayer and that will not change when elected treasurer."