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Louisiana has one of the highest violent crime rates in the nation. To move Louisiana forward, this must change. Everyone should be able to live their lives without fear of becoming a victim of a crime. As a former law enforcement officer, I've seen the consequences violent crime and drugs have on a community. I have seen how drastically crime can change an innocent person's life forever or how drug addiction and mental health issues can ruin a family. I will work to close loopholes that allow violent criminals and drug dealers to walk free. If someone refuses to act within the law, they should face the consequences. 


Economic Development

As a business owner, I live with business struggles daily. I know what it's like to start a small business and work long hours to scrape by—the headache of dealing with overbearing governmental regulations or trying to recruit qualified applicants. As Governor, I will work to remove regulatory barriers that keep businesses from growing or locating in our state. Talent development is another vital key to growing our economy. We need to educate and train our workforce for the jobs of the 21st century. With a skilled workforce equipped to handle various industries, Louisiana's economy will continue to grow, and our existing businesses will be fortified.



Tax reform doesn't happen instantaneously. Over the next 10 years, tax reform for companies and the elimination of personal income tax can occur gradually to prevent a major deficit in the budget. By reducing the high state tax rates and returning more cash to Louisianans' pockets, more businesses will begin to call Louisiana home. State government should operate based on what it can afford, not try to fund its wants on the backs of the taxpayers. I treat every penny like a dollar and believe the government can too. 



Louisiana's public education consistently ranks among the worst in the nation. Louisiana also has one of the country's highest rates of high school dropouts. My wife, Ellie, is a former teacher and administrator; I have witnessed the struggles of our educators both in and out of the classroom. We need to reform our public education to ensure control is at the local level. 


If Louisiana is going to compete with our neighboring states, we need to let our teachers teach and provide the education our students need to prepare them to enter the workforce or succeed in college. Talent development through multiple types of education is key to growing a vibrant economy. 



It is time we reform Louisiana's longtime national reputation, which begins with putting an end to political corruption and cronyism at all levels. We need to demand transparency in all government activity and stop backroom deals, which let the fat cats get fatter while taxpayers are left holding the bag. I've always had zero tolerance for political corruption and cronyism. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. I will make fighting that type of governmental abuse of trust at all levels a top priority of my administration. 


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